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  1. Solo exhibitions



    2019 "Notes on the subway floor" LOOK IT'S A GALLERY, Riga, Latvia

    2019 “I am watching slow crowds of lonely ones, they are telling me about their slow cosmonauts” solo exhibition, Grand Poet hotel, Riga, Latvia

    2017 “The reality of Autobiographical Experiences”, solo exhibition, Kalnciema quarter, Riga, Latvia

    2017 “Essence of the self” solo exhibition, Rojas Exhibition Gallery, Roja, Latvia

    2016 “Garden” solo exhibition, Hotel Roma, Riga,  Latvia 

    2016 “Tuning Fork” Solo exhibition, Kanepes Culture center, Latvia

    2016 “Anonymous confessions” Solo exhibition, Birojnīca, Riga


    Group exhibitions


    2019 The 100th Anniversary Exhibition of the Art Academy of Latvia "Academia" in Latvian National Museum of Art exhibition hall ARSENĀLS, Riga, Latvia

    2018 “One person shining” Group exhibition, Museum of Rainis and Aspazija, Riga, Latvia

    2018  International Contemporary Art Fair ARTVILNIUS’18, LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania

    2018 “Art Academy of Latvia” group exhibition in Germany, Kreis Gutersloh

    2018 “Discovering” group exhibition, Giuseppe Russo Gallery, Naples, Italy

    2018 “Backyard” group exhibition, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

    2017 “Winter plain air” group exhibition, Bishkek Artist union gallery, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    2017 Final works, group exhibition, Kuldīga Art House, Kuldīga, Latvia

    2017 Illustrated poetry book BIKIBUKS group exhibition, Kalnciema quarter, Riga, Latvia

    2017 “Chewing gum”, group exhibition, Dublin, Ireland

    2017 “Art Academy days” Group exhibition in Liepaja, Latvia

    2016 “Place oddity”, group exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

    2016 “Together up the tree” group exhibition, Mālpils, Latvia

    2015 “KAIP TAS ĮVYKO”, Group exhibition, Pamėnkalnio galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania

    2015 “How it comes”, Group exhibition, Kuldīga artists residence

    2014 “Earth sounds,” Group exhibition, Andrejsala exhibition place, Riga, Latvia

    2014 “Freedom on the barricades”, group exhibition in Creative district „Brasalona”, environmental installation “Communicating vessels”, Riga, Latvia

    2011 “How to invent the wheel” Group exhibition, contemporary art center “Kim?”, Riga, Latvia




    2017 Mural project- illustrations and paintings coverimg all the facade of kindergarten, Imanta, Latvia

    2016 Mural project for children hospital, Torņkalns, Latvia

    2015 Illustration for children poetry book by Joseph Osmanis “The rain riddle”

    2014 “Images of the Memory/Pictures of the Thought” International symposium, Lithuania Nida

    2014 Participation in International Peat Symposium, Vilhelms Purvītis native home “Vecjauži”, Zaube, Latvia

    2014 “The one and the many”, social project planning, video performance, Lithuania, Nida

    2014 “I- we- thought” Akuraters Museum, a poetry evening set design, Riga, Latvia

    2014 “The signal for Peace”, Akuraters Museum, a poetry evening set design, Riga, Latvia

    2013 “Snapshot to the environment”, International collaboration in the social environment and ecology research, Armenia 

    2011 “Right place”, Group Environmental Art Installation, International Triennial “Eksperimenta!”, Estonia, Tallin




    2017 Valdemārs Tone scholarship 2017

    2016  Brederlo - von Sengbusch art premium 2016