An illustrated map for Rundāle Palace French Garden was created as a modern, child-friendly guide to orientate the garden.

Comics allow one to get to know the location and give the opportunity to create own story, experiencing a hike through the garden together with drawn characters.
One side of the page is covered with a map while on the other there is a comic, created in 3 versions. The story portrays different ways of exploration seen through delicate nuances in both – actions and moods of how a person feels and experiences the garden.

Comic 1: A girl, a longboarder, picks up her board and discovers the Green Theatre after strolling through overgrown pergolas.

Comic 2.: A choreographer who really appreciates the symmetry and geometric shapes of a garden. A Labyrinth bosquet is discovered through the dance.

Comic 3: The gentleness of botanist Marts Liepzieds guides one's attention towards more minor details. Marts discovers The Golden Vase bosquet.