The Creative Direction and Design for explanation animations for children and teenagers, exploring the court system in Latvia.

Together with copywriters, and the team of Judges, we dived into research. 
We explored different situations and reasons why, where, when, and how the court system works and made 3 animations:

While working on the storyboard and animation style, I chose a magical realism direction, combining different life situations with the metaphorical representation of human experience
Exaggerated and metaphorical visual language allows the viewer to get straight to the point of complicated concepts while perceiving the story in a light and easily understandable way.

The first animation explores what is the court, what is constitution it is based on, and what are the reasons society needs it.

The second animation introduces the viewer to specific situations where it would be impossible to solve misunderstandings without the law, judges, and court.

The third animation explores the theme of Judge.
We can see a young boy who is introduced to the idea of becoming a Judge as a long and demanding but also very rewarding and fulfilling road one must take.

Client: The Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia
Creative Director: Ella Mezule
Animation Director / Illustrator: Ella Mezule
Animation: Studio 3000
Sound design: Studio 3000
Voice-over: Marija Linarte
Producer: Studio 3000

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