A nonprofit creative studio for social impact Fine Acts invited me to represent Latvia in their campaign Get Out & Vote!
In light of the forthcoming European Parliament elections, and the threats to democracy in Europe, Fine Acts worked with 27 outstanding illustrators, one from each EU member state, who designed posters on the topic of democratic participation. 
These artworks are at the heart of a vast campaign in support of European unity and values – which features showcases across European cities; an AR exhibition; and a vast online activation to build momentum before the EP elections in June.
Moreover, all works are published under a specific open license for non-commercial usage to spread the message of the importance of voting.
This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Culture of Solidarity Fund powered by the European Cultural Foundation in collaboration with the Allianz Foundation and the Evens Foundation.
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An outdoor exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria
Photos taken by Mihail Novakov / Fine Acts

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