The core content of the silent book Mīt [meet] is an autobiographical story.
It is a visual story about a trip by bicycle - preparing for it and experiencing it with a slight touch of magical realism.
The title of the story Mīt [meet] is bilingual, including two meanings - if You pronounce the word meet in the Latvian language it means pedaling while in English it means meeting someone or something. 
Both meanings embody the basic idea of the story, expressing both – the main activity of the story - cycling, and all the encounters that take place in it.

The idea of work arose while thinking about the personal relationship with nature, in the long run, the need to leave the city from time to time, being on the road, facing silence within oneself and around.

In the long run, pedaling becomes monotonous and meditative without losing speed. Meeting the other person and yourself in silence, spending time side by side in the long run, is very similar.
The need to share this experience arose from observing the vastness of space and perception, around and within that opens when a person moves a little further away from daily life.

Work is still in progress

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